Can you handle living in a messy 'room'?

When we explore any situation and pull apart the thinking that exists, it gets messy. Mid way through the exploration we will be surrounded by piles of facts, assumptions, misinformation, inferences and conclusions. There will be contradictions, tensions, and fogginess. Some of the thinking will be right. Some of it will be wrong. And it's often hard to tell which is which. Ambiguity will reign supreme.

When we ideate, it also gets messy. Mid way through any creative process we will be surrounded by piles of ideas and thinking that's new, old, stolen, ridiculous, pragmatic (possibly a tad boring), exciting, half-baked, complete, good, and bad.

If you're like most people, at that moment every fibre in your body will scream "clean this mess up". And most people rush to do just that. They slash, burn, kill most of the thinking and ideas around them to arrive at 'the answer'... as quick as they can.

The problem with that is the answer is often not obvious and is well buried in the mess. If it was obvious and sitting neatly on top, you would have found it by now (and so would your competition).

So hang out in your messy room for as long as you can. Embrace the mess and play with it for a while. Get to know it. The real unique, exciting, compelling answer(s) will slowly show themselves; and hopefully your competition rushed to clean their mess up and missed them.