If you don't like the taste of your sandwich, try turning it over.

It's true. If you're eating a sandwich and the flavours aren't hitting the mark/ punching through, it might be that the sandwich is 'upside-down'. I.e. the intense flavour of the spread/ jam/ relish might be on-top and the last thing to hit your tastebuds. If you turn the sandwich over the flavour hits your tastebuds first and makes the sandwich much more flavoursome (sounds weird, but try it next time).

The same can be said of the business information you have in front of you. If it feels incomplete/ not quite right/ not helpful, before you rush off to acquire more information, try looking at it in a different way. Look at it from someone else's perspective. Break off an area that you don't often look that deeply at and look deeply at it. Bring in someone from outside the business to "Emperor New Clothes" it. It's amazing what a change in perspective does.

Happy 'turning'.