Creating magic while in pain

The best athletes in the world constantly amaze us with what they're capable of doing. Incredible acts of strength, accuracy, agility, and skill. The thing is, while we observe this (in a comfy seat) we forget that they often create their magic, while experiencing pain; when they are exhausted, with their head pounding, and their injury screaming for time-out, they are able to excel.

In business, do we do that? When we get overworked with BAU, drawn into countless seemingly pointless meetings, get forced to focus on the short term, do we create magic? Or do we say... "once everything settles down and we have more time we'll focus on that exciting and amazing opportunity/ idea."

As someone once said, there is no time like the present. If you want to do something amazing, you will have to do it while everything else is going on. You will have to create magic, while you are 'in pain'.