Post Brainstorm Tip 4: Judge-to-strengthen then judge-to-decide.

After a brainstorm most people approach judgment as a single step; pick the winning ideas from the 'pile' while eliminating the ideas that aren't right. This is the most critical moment in the innovation process where most great thoughts/ ideas die unnecessarily. It's easy to eliminate seedling ideas, concepts and territories that aren't fully developed and have multiple issues. It's also easy to eliminate thoughts that are different and challenge our thinking.

Seeing judgement as a single step is a mistake. By judging this way, most innovative thoughts will end up in the bin. If you want to avoid this, judge in two stages.

The first stage is judging-to-strengthen; this is where you take the great/ exciting ideas from the ‘pile’ and use judgment to identify weaknesses and strengths (with a goal of making the idea stronger). Development time is then spent trying to address the weaknesses and build on the strengths.

Once that's done, the second stage of judgement is when you review and judge the strengthened ideas to identify the winners.

Judge-to-strengthen then judge-to-decide.