Are you driftwood?

I think businesses are very similar to islands. Over time a young island can become many things but for this 'story' it becomes one of two.

It either flourishes into something amazing; a fertile environment teaming with life, creativity, and always evolving. Or it stagnates and becomes a desert island.

Both Islands (from afar) can look the same to intrepid explorers wanting to find their nirvana; but they are nothing alike. The newcomer who lands on the island that's amazing, will embrace it with open arms and stay. The newcomer who lands on the desert island has three options. They can do everything in their power to change the island (or at least their little corner of it). They can hightail it, jump back in their boat and leave. Or, if they don't take one of those options, over time they become driftwood like many other souls lying about on the island's sandy shores; not doing too much but just enough to exist.

Right now, if you find yourself on a desert Island, are you fighting to change it, about to leave, or driftwood?

If you are driftwood, be vigilant; because one day, an intrepid explorer with a great deal of power will arrive on the island and they will set about changing it. Their first job will be to boil water, and nothing burns as well as driftwood.