Zig Think while the others Zag Think

If you want your product/ service/ business to stand out, get noticed and fly from the shelf, it will have to be different from your competition. You will have to Zig while the rest Zag; which is much easier said than done. Especially if you start by trying to Zig your behaviour; e.g. the product itself, a promotion, the packaging, a bundle with something else.

The problem is, that’s where your competition are looking to Zig as well. To be truly innovative and stand out consider Zigging your thinking. Use lateral thinking tools (such as Random Input) to help unlock alternatives to aspects of your world. E.g. explore alternative competitor sets and see where that ‘mind experiment’ (As Einstein called it) leads you.

If you Zig Think your way into a new exciting space, it will drive a unique Zig in behaviour; one that your competition may not see coming.