You shall not pass.

It’s difficult to move the thinking and behaviour of an organisation forward with so much ambiguity and so many possibilities. Throw in multiple realities (see my “More than one reality is a killer” post for a bit more on this) and it can feel almost impossible.

As time goes by we take two steps forward, three steps back, and a few sideways. We have meetings that we had last year and the year before, and never really seem to get traction.

One thing I have found that helps mitigate this, to a certain extent, is the idea of creating road blocks; not to stop thinking and behaviour from moving forward but to stop it from stagnating and moving backwards. When you land on an indisputable truth, something that is beyond challenge, you lock it in.

For example, clients often ask me how they should best judge creative for campaigns. My answer is simple. Put the brief to one side, forget about the strategy, forget about the proposition, and forget about the brand…for now. The question is, will the idea cut through the clutter and will people talk about it?

If the answer is no, then nothing else matters. You have reached a roadblock and the idea… shall not pass.

Find your indisputable truths, make them roadblocks, and keep the troops moving forward; with one word of caution, make sure they are indisputable.