When you're tired, that's when you're needed the most.

With any initiative, and especially with any amazing/ innovative idea, it’s success depends on the total ‘package’. One small thing can bring it down and make it average (at best) and a failure (at worst). The devil truly is in the detail.

At the end of any initiative, you will be tired. Especially if the idea is innovative; you will have fought many battles to keep it from becoming mundane. And here’s the kicker, this is when the initiative needs you the most.

When you are entering the home straight there are two paths your initiative can take… one where it gets better, and one where it gets worse. Because you are tired it’ll be much harder to resist attacks that will make it worse. So you need to boost your energy any way you can. Take a day off and truly relax before the last push home. Tag team a colleague that you can trust to help. Drink lots of water and coffee. Make sure you have a strong description of the initiative/ idea before you start, so you can refer to it later on when you are tired (what, why, how, etc). Plan for it now while you are full of beans and excited.