Think Different(ly)

We apply the principles of creativity to the output of most marketing initiatives (a new retail space, an ad, new packaging, a social media post, a new product). In fact, most of the time we brief someone who is creative to be creative with the output. We hope they will deliver something unique and compelling that solves our business problem.

The issue is, it often doesn’t; for a myriad of reasons – including the fact that we are probably using the same information, the same research, the same data, and the same paradigms that we have always used to try and solve the problem.

To be truly innovative we need to start by using creative lateral thinking on our thinking itself. Challenge your business beliefs, search for alternatives, and play with possibilities. If you struggle to think creatively then ask someone who is creative to lend a hand.

Einstein once said (yes, I tend to reference him a lot), “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Not that he needs my endorsement, but I agree.