Change how a business behaves by changing beliefs.

The systems, processes, strategies, initiatives and general behaviour of any given business (that are either helping move that business forward or holding it back), are simply a result of the beliefs people have that work in the business; or possibly the legacy beliefs from people who once worked in the business.

These business beliefs include what the business stands for, what it makes, who buys what it makes, how they buy, what the competition are like, what the best strategy is, and so on.

If you are trying to change the behaviour of a business (regardless of how big or small the behavioural change is), focus on understanding who believes what. Don’t treat this as a witch hunt, but more of an opportunity to bring all the business beliefs out into the open, so they can be teased apart and challenged if need be.

If you focus on trying to change a system, a process, a strategy or an initiative, without first understanding the business beliefs that people have, the desired behavioural change won’t happen. E.g. There is no point in generating an innovative idea if people within the business believe innovation is risky and not required; even if they told you “we need an innovative idea”.