Meeting halfway is a dreadful idea

Whenever there are two points of view that don't align it's common to suggest that "we should meet halfway". That's fine when the 'points' aren't thoughts or ideas. For example, if someone's selling a car and the seller wants a high sum of money, and the buyer wants to pay a lower sum of money, then meeting halfway gets the deal done. It's a good idea.

However, when it comes to thinking or ideas, meeting halfway between two different thoughts, or two different ideas, is a dreadful idea. You end up with a Frankenstein thought or idea that doesn't work.

What I'm not saying is that a thought or an idea can't evolve and become stronger based on input. Of course it can and should. But that isn't meeting halfway. That's taking concepts, principles, aspects from one idea that will help strengthen another.

So if you are faced with this situation, then dig deep and spend time understanding what thought or idea is the best and run with one.