Beware the woman in the red dress

photo by Alan Light

photo by Alan Light

There's a scene in the Matrix (movie) where the 'hero' character Neo, should be listening to a wise 'sage' Morpheus as they walk down a crowded street. Instead, Neo is distracted by a woman in a red dress. She is beautiful and stands out amongst the drab black and white surroundings. The issue is, Neo isn't doing what he should be doing - which is listening to Morpheus. He's distracted.

This is exactly what happens in business. We get seduced by sexy ideas, big thoughts and compelling concepts that are exciting.

Big ideas are great, if they work. Often, unsexy ideas and initiatives can have the greatest impact on your business. Those seemingly mundane aspects of your product, it's format, it's distribution, need just as much thought and 'innovative' treatment as the big ideas.

Explore those unsexy aspects first, before flirting with the temptress in the red dress.